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Walker Mowers

Fast On-The-Job Mowing

Zero-turn maneuverability is standard in every Walker Mower through dual, independent hydrostatic transmissions. This allows each drive tire to operate independently in any range of motion. Paired with its compact size, low center of gravity, and operator position directly in the center of the rotation axis, the Walker Mower is the most agile mower on the market. Tight trimming is fast, accurate, and easy, allowing the operator to maintain constant forward motion, increasing productivity and quality of mowing.

Precision Steering
and Handling

With an operator-friendly combination of finger-tip steering and the Forward Speed Control, the Walker Mower precisely goes where you want it to with little effort.


Once in the drive position, the forward speed control uses a friction lock to work as a cruise control, allowing the operator to control the mower by simply applying pulling pressure to the steering levers. To stop, pull the forward speed control back to the neutral/park position.


Walker Mower steering levers take control the moment pressure is applied. Each steering lever is springdampened, providing smooth machine operation. The operator easily steers the machine by controlling both levers with a single hand using gentle fingertip pressure. The steering system is designed for precise control using optimal linkage geometry and high quality components.

Balance and Hillside Stability

Predictable traction is fundamental to confident operation. The Walker front-mount configuration with drive tires in the center of the machine and lower overall weight make the Walker Mower a superior hillside performer. The deck counterweight springs further enhance the traction of the Walker by transferring weight from the deck to the drive tires.


The cumulative effect of compact size, balance, and precision steering gives the Walker the ability to complete common mowing tasks quickly:

1. Bed Contours:

Navigate contours with speed and precision.

2. Gates:

Effortlessly pass through yard gates without wasting time grabbing a different piece of equipment.

3. Berms:

Even the smallest slopes or pitches require good traction to navigate quickly.

4. Fence Lines:

Predictable steering allows for quick maneuverability.

5. Tight Corners:

Tight corners and low hanging obstacles do not slow down the compact Walker Mower.

Grass Handling System™ (GHS)

Walker invented the internal Grass Handling System™ on its first mower, and it remains the most efficient way to vacuum grass clippings, leaves, or debris from the lawn.
Collection decks move clippings to a center discharge chute where an internal blower vacuums grass clippings and debris and then blows it directly into a compact, rear mounted grass catcher box. The PowerFil™ oscillating chute evenly packs clippings and the Grass-Pak™ full signal alerts the operator when it is time to empty the catcher. To dump clippings, the operator simply lifts the catcher with the side handles or utilize the optional Power Dump or Hi-Dump™ add-ons from the operator seat.

Integrated Components

Walker Mowers are engineered to ensure the entire grass collection system is internal. This intentional effort has allowed Walker Mowers to retain their compact footprint. There are no bulky tubes or bags extending beyond the footprint of the mower. By positioning the GHS blower internally, a powerful vacuum effect is achieved, leaving a carpet-like appearance to your lawn in spring, summer, and fall.

Interchangeable Decks and Add-ons

Whether handling grass, leaves, debris, or snow, all Walker Mowers are designed for year-round productivity. Decks can easily be switched for larger, smaller, collection, mulching, or discharge decks, to suit the task at hand—and with dozens of add-ons, such as a dethatcher, dozer blades, snowblowers, and enclosed cabs, the Walker is one of the most versatile mowers you can buy.

Tilt-Open Bodies and Tilt-Up Decks

Each Walker features a tilt-open body, quickly exposing the drive belts, electronics, engine, and drivetrain making service and maintenance easy. No special tools or equipment are needed. Simply release the body latch and the gas spring assisted enclose opens up for unobstructed access to all of the Walker’s working components.
All Walker decks quickly tilt-up, making maintenance tasks safe and easy. It takes seconds to unlock, lift, and secure the deck in an up position, providing access to the blades, housing, and chute. Model H tractors also have an optional Power Tilt-Up™ deck lift. Walker tiltup decks also minimize wasted space when storing the Walker mower.

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